YES Arusha 

Youth Educational Support

Welcome to YES Arusha!

YES Arusha Limited is a small not-for-profit organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. We support young people in Tanzania with access to education. In particular, we work in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania. We are partnered with Haradali Primary and Secondary Schools; a well-established educational institution, which is founded and operated by local Tanzanians.

We support 56 students through our sponsorship program which links sponsors with individual children to pay for their tuition and other needs. And in 2017, we begin our new merit-based scholarship program, where we will provide successful primary school graduates with access to high-quality secondary schooling. Furthermore, we have collaborated with Haradali Primary School on infrastructure projects, including a Safe House for orphaned and vulnerable students and a new school library.

Our organisation is run by a board of directors who work voluntarily. We operate with minimal expenses in Australia so that your money can go directly to the children in Tanzania. Please contact us if you wish to get involved!